Sellular’s sales task-management powers your productivity. Keep your task list front and center to maximize your time, never miss a sales task, and ensure your pipeline stays filled.


Your task list in one place

All of your due and overdue sales tasks appear on your unified desktop so SDRs, AEs, and sales leaders can plan, organize, customize, and track productivity without leaving the platform.


Full visibility of tasks

Sales leaders no longer have to ping for updates. Maintain full visibility of your team’s productivity and timeline of task completion. Get alerted when tasks are overdue.


Complete sales tasks without leaving Sellular

We have streamlined your daily workflow on this screen. Navigate from the Tasks screen to the email composer or business phone to complete tasks for the day with ease.


Synced with Salesforce

With Sellular’s Salesforce integration, all your tasks and activities sync back to Salesforce to maintain record consistency and organizational visibility.


Quick view of tasks

Easily see your tasks and their statuses and click among categories with Sellular’s simple, clean UI.


An all-in-one platform that powers your entire revenue team

Providing sales teams with tools to grow more pipeline faster.