Omnichannel Sales Sequences + Automations

Schedule multitouch sales cadences across your sales channels—email, SMS/MMS, calling and social.


Automated Sales Outreach

With Sellular Workflows, leads are automatically assigned to sequences depending on demographic and activity. Sellular’s sales automation also enables you to schedule sales sequences across multiple channels, so you can spend your days growing your pipeline rather than manually sending emails.


Personalized Outreach

Identify and select high-profile deals and prospects to nurture strategically via email, calling, and messaging without leaving the Sellular platform.


Email Optimizer

Use the email optimizer to report on and optimize emails for opens, clicks, and engagement so your outreach attains ongoing maximum performance.


Safety Settings

Sellular gives you peace of mind by ensuring that only your selected leads receive designated communications.


Full-Funnel Activity Reporting

Use Sellular’s analytics and funnel views for each Sales Sequence with actionable insights to improve your sales engagement.


Never Miss a Task

See your to-dos for each Sales Sequence flow into the Tasks view so you can ensure every deal receives precise execution.


An all-in-one platform that powers your entire revenue team

Providing sales teams with tools to grow more pipeline faster.